neděle 20. října 2013

Mastering the skill of the fall season

I feel blessed now when I get the chance to uncover the beauties of the fall season in the Czech republic. One can learn so much just from watching the leaves falling off the trees. How much beauty and philosophy in it. If you want new life, nex experience you should just leave something doesn't serve you anymore behind you. Is there something you don't want anymore in your life or better, do you want something new? Make room for it by letting go. Recently I've been feeling like I must do a lot of things otherwise I cannot be fully satisfied. For example I thought that not until I get rid of all my old magazines can I get the peace of mind and more space. I used to got so angry when I took a glimpse at the piles but now I'm testing new attitude: I changed the "must do it" to "like to do it". I take the pile as my own newsagent's. I read the magazines again and when I want to throw them away I do so. If I decide to keep it, I do it consciously. Because I don't force myself, it brings me more joy. So for this season I chose to let go of some "musts" and do things with joy. Happy Autumn!

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  1. You are so gifted. I am starting to fall in love with this blog. :) Keep it up!

    1. You are too kind!! Thank you for your encouragement :D Im just trying to do things I enjoy ;)