sobota 31. prosince 2016

It was a good year after all

What went well:

1) Lots of beautiful travels: Ball in Vienna, sightseeing in Istanbul, bathing in Budapest, enjoying Baltic coast in Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot, visiting castles, hiking in the hills, training in Shanghai, autumn walks in Bruges and Ghent, reminiscing in Taipei, enjoying nature at the Sun Moon Lake

2) First calligraphy sold

3) First short story “published”

4) Participated in writing and calligraphy courses, visited beautiful exhibitions.

5) Appreciated at work

6) Increased income 

What could be better:

1) Be grateful for what I have now: writing it down in my journal

2) Appreciate the people in my life: don’t take them for granted

3) Have more time for myself: at least one date with myself per week 

4) Exercise regularly again: start twice a week and go from there

5) Eating better: cooking fresh meals during weekends

6) Writing more often: two posts on blog per month and be active on FB blog

7) Creative 15: 15 minutes for writing or calligraphy or photography or whatever creative endeavor

“Moving through life from a place of joy and gratitude will yield better results than if you're stressed and fighting yourself every step of the way. Let where you are right now be enough, and be okay.” 

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